Group therapy

Ithaca offers several group therapy options. Group psychotherapy is group psychotherapy, where learning from and with each other, interacting with other participants and the psychotherapists, is central. The therapy group consists of a limited number of participants and two group psychotherapists who meet weekly. All participants work on their own psychological symptoms and problems. During the sessions, group members explore their problems with each other under the guidance of the psychotherapists. For this reason, some ability to empathize and to be able to listen and make space for others is required of participants.

Group psychotherapy is suitable for a wide range of people with mental and psychiatric problems and proven effective for anxiety disorders, mood disorders and personality problems, among others. Therapeutic factors include interpersonal feedback (cognitive, affective and behavioral), mutual recognition, empathy and support, recognizing and changing role patterns and learning to practice new behaviors, learning exemplary behavior and learning mutual advice. Group therapy provides an opportunity for new positive experiences in exciting moments in how you experience yourself in relation to others. These new experiences can translate into one’s own life.

Group therapy options within Ithaca:

  • Within Ithaca there are several psychodynamic therapy groups for both Dutch-speaking and English-speaking adults.
  • A psychodynamic therapy group will soon start for Hebrew-speaking adults.
  • The intention is mid-2023 to start a psychodynamic therapy group specifically for adolescents/young adults, age 18 – 24, Dutch-speaking.